Fun Fact :
OSC has been in business since 1995. It has seen the (significant event 1), the (significant event 2), and the (significant event 3).
More About Working at OSC
Occupational Safety Consultants (OSC) is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.
Our customers are industrial and construction companies, government agencies and educational institutions.
We supply our Safety Managers to our clients to perform services on a project basis or to serve full-time on job sites. See the services we offer on this website.
A client needs employees trained on driving a forklift. You, as a Safety Manager, will present our training materials, give the employees a quiz, then evaluate them operating a forklift.
A construction company client has a major building project underway. It needs the project monitored to assure it is safe. If you're the Safety Manager, you walk the site and look for any unsafe conditions and practices. You look for ways to eliminate hazards. If you see someone taking a risk, you coach him or her about a better and safer way of working.
A general industry client wants to make sure the working conditions are safe. You look at electrical cords to see they are not damaged. You note whether employees are protected from moving machine parts, racks and stacked materials or trip hazards. If you see something unsafe, you take corrective action.
A Challenging, But Meaningful Career
Qualifications for Working at OSC:
You must be ready to commit to the value and importance of workplace safety.
You must be willing to study and learn what it takes to be an OSC professional Safety Manager.
Safety service is a very fulfilling occupation. When the workers you help avoid injury, their employers, and especially their families will be very grateful to you - often without knowing it. You may never know how many lives you save. Yet you can take great pride in a calling that is so meaningful to those you serve.
Once you learn occupational safety your skill will be in demand everywhere and throughout your career – the need for safety will not go away.
The Benefits of Working at OSC
Join OSC and enjoy:
A Rewarding Career in a Growing Field
Protecting People
Professional Recognition
Great Pay
Flexibility to Work Anywhere
A Long-Term Career
Free Training / Professional Development
Paid Vacation
Health / Vision / Dental / Life / Disability Insurance
401(K) Retirement Plan