Fun Fact :
About 3.9 million employees are disabled by injuries at work any given year.
Company Safety Audit
OSC provides comprehensive safety audits for the general industry and construction trades. Audits identify any deficiencies in a client's written programs, training and documentation.
OSC will conduct for you a formal company-wide safety review. Our formal safety review includes:
Meeting with your representative and any employees you designate to discuss and measure the safety attitude or culture within your workplace.
Reviewing your previous safety incidents, their causes and remedies.
Evaluating your safety documentation such as safety programs, plans, procedures and training records.
Verifying that required training is being conducted and recorded.
Walking through your site, carefully studying your workforce practices and interactions with equipment.
Fall Protection – Ladder, Scaffolding and Aerial Lift
Afterwards, you receive specific documentation of your company's safety status. Excellence is recognized and any need for improvement is described. We also prefer not to identify specific individuals in our report text or photographs. This encourages workers to cooperate in helping us assess your safety environment.
Our professionals are ready to work with you and your people to remedy any hazards found. We can find the best practices for you through our experience and safety profession contacts. We will arrange for any safety training needed, develop required written programs and provide real-world training.
OSC inspection experts have seen the terrible results of hazards and know what to look for when examining your workplace.
High Risk. If an OSC inspection specialist finds a high-risk problem – “an accident waiting to happen” – we will immediately bring it to your attention. Through diplomatic yet determined efforts, we will work with you and your people to remedy such problems on the spot. Before an OSC inspection professional leaves your premises, he or she wants any high-risk and OSHA serious violation to be eliminated.
OSC cannot ethically share with anyone any information collected during your inspection.
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