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About 3.9 million employees are disabled by injuries at work any given year.
Safety Programs and Plans
OSHA requires written safety programs because their procedures identify and control hazards, which reduces incidents and saves lives. OSC develops programs that are custom-fitted to your needs and designed for both hazard reduction and OSHA compliance.
You can have OSC develop written safety programs covering your various risk exposures and site-specific safety plans.
Plans are an essential tool for avoiding hazards unique to an environment and job functions. OSC's site-specific safety plans, for example, describe how to identify a site's likely hazards and how to control their risk. These plans also include steps required to respond to harm, such as locations of the nearest fire department, designated non-emergency medical facility and trauma center.
We can develop your safety manuals and written compliance programs, as well as develop and deliver tailored training for each of the compliance areas.
A Safety Manual is a document your company must have. It contains your safety mission statement and outlines your organization’s entire safety program as required by federal and state regulations. Your Safety Manual also includes your general operational policies and procedures and names those in charge of safety. Your employees are entitled to read your Safety Manual to see that you have planned for their safe employment. We can develop this document for you.
Under the OSHA Construction Safety Regulations, project managers are ultimately responsible for the safety of not only their own employees, but also the employees of any sub-contractors. Because of this responsibility, general managers require the potential sub-contractors to submit copies of their Safety Manuals with their bid packages. Not only does this enhance a proposal and make it more professional; it also sends the message that the bidder takes safety very seriously.
Professional written safety programs demonstrate to all stakeholders that your company is less likely to lose time and money due to accidents on the job. A solid Safety Manual is a necessity if you want to remain in compliance, safe, and competitive in today's marketplace.
Online Availability
More companies are discovering the value of making their safety manuals and programs available through the Internet. Password-protected safety documentation can be made available at any time, from anywhere, to managers, workers and others with a need to know, such as auditors, investigators and attorneys.
A central location assures that everyone is reading the most current materials. Updating requires only a change to one (online) document instead of trying to modify and file paper-based safety publications at various locations. Instant availability also makes it easier for those responsible to regularly review the materials and to verify they continue to comply with changing laws, regulations and court cases.
OSC can securely store your safety documentation online, if you choose, with an optional service of periodically reviewing them for you to assure ongoing compliance.
Following are a few of the custom-written programs we can develop for you, whether online, on a flash drive or on paper.
Bloodborne Pathogens
Confined Spaces
Electrical Safety
Emergency Action Plan
Excavations and Trenches
Fall Protection – Ladder, Scaffolding and Aerial Lift
First Aid, CPR & AED
Forklift (Powered Industrial Truck) Operation
Hazard Communication Plan
Hot Work (Welding) Safety
Incident (Accident and Near Miss) Investigation
Job Safety (Hazard) Analysis
Job Safety (Hazard) Analysis
OSHA Inspection and Reporting Procedures
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection
Safety Committee Roles and Duties
Training for each of the above specific compliance programs would be custom-tailored to reflect your specific site circumstances and environment. Your training can be formal, with a classroom setting and multimedia presentation, or informal, such as "tailgate" or "toolbox" training talks. Our instructors are experienced in working effectively with industrial or construction workers to deliver your message of safety.
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