Fun Fact :
Under the OSHA law, employers have a responsibility to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules and regulations issued under the OSHA Act.
Site Safety Manager
So Much Is at Stake, Lives at Risk…
Inadequate safety can cause:
The loss of a worker
Pain to a worker’s family, friends and co-workers
Damage to a company's reputation
Fines and even criminal penalties
Fines and even criminal penalties
Increased insurance costs
Diminished sales
Maintaining workplace safety requires diligence by competent people:
Trained to recognize and reduce hazards
Aware of work best practices and occupational standards
Free to stop unsafe behavior
Deploying people to manage safety is usually not a core competency of a business. It can be difficult to:
Recruit safety specialists or spare production employees
Provide adequate ongoing training
Limit their focus to workplace safety
Managing workplace safety is the core competency of Occupational Safety Consultants (OSC).
OSC will provide you with a professional Safety Manager who:
Is focused on workplace safety
Is trained and will continue training in occupational safety
Knows how to abate or avoid hazards
Is objective while evaluating conditions or investigating incidents
Can independently stop unsafe practices
Uses positive methods to encourage safety, not play “gotcha”
Will not ‘play favorites’ among your personnel
An OSC Safety Manager on Your Site Means :
You avoid the rigors of recruiting – Advertisements, resumes, interviews, background checks, negotiations and offers.
If a Safety Manager leaves, another takes his or her place. Repeating the recruiting process is avoided.
You save money – You pay only for safety services needed, when needed. You avoid the cost of retaining an employee between projects or an unemployment compensation expense. No training expenses, payroll costs, vacation pay, cost of managing the Safety Manager, and more.
You gain access to – The technical expertise of other OSC personnel plus its network of safety specialists, current safety advice, developments in workplace safety, information about successful safety practices in other companies, and ongoing reports about the status of safety in your company.
You get – Increased job site safety, ensured compliance with safety regulations, employee training such as toolbox talks, help implementing your safety programs, documentation of services and events, assistance with incident investigations, reduced general liability exposure, an improvement in safety culture, improved employee confidence in workplace safety, and OSHA record-keeping and citation assistance.
You avoid opportunity costs – Your productive employees are no longer required to take time off to supervise stretch exercises, engage in pre-task planning and reviews, provide safety training, seek permits for activities, inspect equipment, inventory PPE, and conduct safety walks of job sites.
You get flexibility – OSC Safety Managers are available to you nationwide, you may change Safety Managers at any time, and you can contact OSC today to get the safety help you need.
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