Fun Fact :
Training workers how to safely perform their jobs is an investment that will pay back over and over again in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale, lower insurance premiums and more.
General Training
You may arrange for OSC training at your site, custom-tailored to reflect your specific circumstances and environment. Your training can be formal, with a classroom setting and multimedia presentation, or informal, such as "tailgate" training talks.
Safety policies, procedures and posters are not enough to assure consistent safety practices or an effective safety culture. A workforce is more likely to adopt a safety attitude if they understand the reasons for rules, the value of following the rules and the great harm that can follow from ignoring the rules.
Understanding and accepting explanations for such rules are enhanced if the trainer has real work life experience and speaks the language of workers. OSC trainers are familiar with the details and dynamics of construction and general industry work and know well the cost of workplace incidents.
Additional Pricing Information
OSHA 10 Hours: $175 / Student, $1,750 Minimum + Travel and Hotel Expenses
OSHA 30 Hours: $400 / Student, $4,000 Minimum + Travel and Hotel Expenses
Other General Training: Custom Pricing
Training Opportunities
OSHA Essentials
OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour
Introduction to OSHA
Confined Space
Confined Space Awareness
Electrical Safety
Emergency (Crisis) Planning
Spill Prevention and Control
Fire Safety
First Aid/CPR/AED
Trenching and Excavating
Fall Prevention
Lifting Equipment
Lifting Personnel
Lifting Material
Lifting and Moving
Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift)
Materials Handling
Rigging & Signal Persons
Hand and Power Tools
Hazard Communication (HazCom)
Health Hazards
Bloodborne Pathogens
Hearing Protection
Hot Work (Welding)
Investigating – Incident and Near Miss
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Committee Roles and Duties
Schedule Your Training
Jènè Fuller of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, Managing Organization for the Iowa State Grant Program, can arrange for your grant and training at any location in Iowa. Please contact Jènè today.
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