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Augment your staff with OSC safety personnel as you need for short or lengthy periods. You pay only for the time you need. When your project ends so does your cost.View Services
( Remember what Mom taught… )
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General Industry.
OSC safety managers are prepared to reduce risks by planning and monitoring activities, investigating incidents, delivering necessary training and coaching while keeping you informed. View Services
( Remember what Mom taught… )
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MSHA instructors from Occupational Safety Consultants are among the most well-trained and experienced mining safety trainers available in the Midwest.View Services

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Why Hire a Safety Consulting Firm Instead of Doing It Yourself?
You gain access to the technical expertise of personnel plus their network of safety specialists, developments in workplace safety, and ongoing reports about the status of safety in your company.Learn More
Never manage safety alone again.
Deploying people to manage safety is usually not a core competency of a business. It can be difficult to recruit safety specialists or spare production employees to provide adequate workplace safety.Learn More
Just like the click of a button.
You’ll receive flexibility through national availability, ability to easily change Safety Managers, and contact your partner when you need safety help.Learn More
We have it down to a science.
You pay only for the time you need. You’ll avoid the cost of retaining an employee between projects or an unemployment compensation expense. No training expenses, payroll costs, vacation pay, or cost of managing the Safety Manager.Learn More
Rip up those expensive insurance premiums.
If it’s an OSC guy, it’ll work [construction company executive approving a Safety Manager]."
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In reply to your question concerning a recommendation for someone able to write Lock out/Tag out procedures. I've known Jerry for several years. We use him whenever we can. He is nationally known as a very knowledgeable resource. He has many years of service to the safety world."
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Thank you Jerry. You and Tod were integral in the safety success for not only [for our people] but also the contractors that worked along side them. Thank you. I would not hesitate in asking for or recommending your services in the future."
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[Our company] was being recognized for this project’s safety performance. There will be a recognition event…as OSC is our safety partner, we would like for you to consider attending with us. Thanks for your support to get to the recognition."
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The training was by Occupational Safety Consultants…an Iowa-based company that services customers throughout the country. Many of our sister plants…have used them in several aspects. The President of the company is Jerry Edmondson. I have known Jerry for 35+ years and he has been part of [our] safety team since 1993."
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Providing real-world professional advice and services empowering clients to achieve long-term safety, health and environmental goals.
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